Pink Guggenheim, Freespace, Airbnb killer and other news

Trump is still in architectural news and other things which happened this week June 5-11:

  • We found out that Frank Lloyd Wright was considering to paint Guggenheim New York in pink. An not only pink, some other colours were considered too. There is also a short video of him revealing that he was never a fan of New York. All of this and more can seen at the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art running June 12 to October 1.
  • In the video of the conversation between Rem Koolhaas and Wolfgang Tillmans we found out that Rem is planning a “show in September 2019 in a major New York museum”. And that museum is sadly-not-pink Guggenheim New York.
  • New York is still dominating the news. New hotel concept in New York by Herzog & de Meuron was unveiled. Nothing spectacular if not the key ambition – take on Airbnb. As the main head behind the project Ian Schrager said: “Flaunting luxury and offering it at a great price, and offering the kind of communal/social atmosphere that Public will offer, is something that Airbnb cannot”.  We are not sure who are choosing Airbnb for “flaunting luxury”, but it would be really interesting to see room rates…
  • Trump is the name you can’t avoid even when talking about architecture. AIA and other organisations opposed Trump’s decision to withdraw from Paris climate agreement. Remember that time when AIA was happily greeting President Trump? We do.
  • In a gossip level news, we found out that Trump might have proposed to put solar panels on his border wall with Mexico. Yeah, just add some solar panels, they make everything great.
  • Hear that, Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines? They revealed what must be strangest building to come around this week – Seine Musicale. It seems like Trump is trying to revive and humanize his wall with solar panels, Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines are trying to revive postmodern architecture with a help of some solar panels. But is it working, though?
  • A theme for Venice Biennale of Architecture was revealed. Freespace. Although for a lot of people this theme and description seem very ambiguous, we think that it is really intelligent theme, however it might end up looking like a previous one. Different words does not always give new meaning.

That is all you need to know this week. Next summary in seven days.

Cover image from NY Times

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