The Late Show just pitched for Amazon’s new HQ

Amazon is looking for a perfect place for their new headquarters and are ready to put down on the table 5 billion dollars. This is a huge deal for U.S. cities, as NPR reported there is an expansive list of cities trying to attract investment and 50 000 new jobs. But only areas with more than 1 million people can participate in Amazon’s corporate Olympics, which means that if Amazon would pick a city with exactly 1 million residents, 5% of population would work for them. Over the years Seattle where company has 40 000 employees, has witnessed rising housing costs, traffic congestion, gentrification.

Despite all the doubts, even The Late Show made their pitch. For 5 billion dollars Amazon could get an entire office (to share with Keith). It is beautify decorated with “Star Wars is cool!” poster, has a window and is equipped with state-of-the-art desk, light and waste basket. Amazon sure has some strong proposals to pick from!

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