Iwan Baan wandering around new Studio Maks’ and Junya Ishigami’s collaboration

Soon good quality pictures by Iwan Baan will spill on dezeens and archdailys covering latest collaboration between Studio Maks and Junya Ishigami – a visitor centre in Vijversburg, north Netherlands. Before it does, we can take a glimpse on this incredibly SANAA-like building from picture master himself Iwan Baan by watching two of his short videos from the building and surrounding site. Visitor centre’s similarity to SANAA’s work is no coincidence – both main architects behind this project Marieke Kums and Junya Ishigami worked long years at SANAA.

Project was won in 2012 and as Studio Maks’ website says completion was expected in 2014, however today is 2017. In a recent interview for ArchiNed Marieke Kums explained reasons of this delay. Firstly, during the process contractor had to be changed. Because of nearby heritage site, it seemed a great idea to pick a contractor who had a lot of experience with restoration and was known for excellent craftsmanship. However, because visitor centre was a new building, to speed up a process inevitably a new contractor, who had more experience with new constructions, had to be chosen. And second reason for the delay was Ishigami himself. A man well known among Japanese architects for being the worst choice to work for (seriously don’t apply there), unsurprisingly was impossible to collaborate with too. So probably Junya Ishigami should not even be mentioned as a contributor to this project.

Despite all the struggle we have an interesting Dutch-Japanese product in Netherlands. From the reactions on Instagram, it seems, Iwan Baan is also quite excited about the project. More pictures should be available soon at your local architectural website.

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