Rem Koolhaas and Wolfgang Tillmans discuss everything from toilets to future of Europe

Tate Modern is running an exhibition of Wolfgang Tillmans for a couple of months, so for this occasion a conversation between Tillmans himself and Rem Koolhaas was held. You can watch full talk in the video above, however we also marked down some key moments from the talk.

Rem Koolhaas on visualisations of architecture:

I think what is painful right now is that we still have a certain habit or tradition of idealisation, but it’s only in terms the building itself and completely devoid or separate from any ideology or intention.

Wolfgang Tillmans reflecting on shitty buildings:

I find this gap that is created when goods and buildings and services don’t deliver what has been promised, that gap is called disappointment and creates unhappiness and disengagement from society.

To this Koolhaas response was that inferior materials dictate metabolism of cities which opens huge potential when talking about preservation, erasure and elimination. This naturally led to talk about sustainability and life-spans of the buildings.

Koolhaas revealed that his most European moment was when he was part of commission to think about Europe in 2030. It is where he raised this statement:

It is really totally insane that we have to think about Europe with Europeans only […] It is also crazy that there is only people over 60.

Later on Koolhaas revealed Luxembourg’s intentions to double in size, by having twice more people. And conversation finished by Tillmans dropping an unexpected bombshell and revealing that Koolhass will have an exhibition in Guggenheim New York. To which Koolhaas responded:

There will be show in September 2019 in a major New York museum.

Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017 show is running until June 11 at Tate Modern.

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    I wonder how realistic is for Luxembourg to expand that much…

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