Architects who are not on holidays in this week’s round up

Ok, yes guilty. We were gone for quite some time, but it is summer, so who does not go on holiday? Let’s check.

  • Well MVRDV obviously does not take a break. At least their model shop. Recently MVRDV shared on their Instagram a new crazy-ass model which elevates floor by floor in to the air.

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  • Herzog and de Meuron‘s accountants are busy too. It seems that Swiss architects are not going to be paid full fee for their Tate Modern extension. Project went over the budget and Tate wants to renegotiate the fee. It seems a bit strange request after Tate renamed extension from Switch House to Blavatnik Building in honour of Ukrainian born oligarch Len Blavatnik. He could surely pay H&dM.
  • Two more offices who will not get any chance to feel the summer are – Studio Gang and nAOM. They got to the final stage of competition for redesigning Tour Montparnasse – an infamous tower standing lonely in Paris. Other 5 shortlisted teams can have a well deserved rest – OMA, MAD + DGLA, Architecture Studio, Dominique Perrault Architecture and PLP Architecture.
  • When some are getting tanned on the beach, others are solving housing crises. British PUP Architects proposed and constructed a house extension which is technically a vent duct. And vent ducks do not need any planning permission, apparently. Thinking about upgrading your chimney?
  • Can’t get your world problems out of your head? Housing crisis in London is too small of a challenge for you? Have a look at Einhard Schmidt-Kallert’s piece on Global South’s challenges. He covered everything from Malaysia, China to Latin America and Africa.

Have a splendid end of the summer!

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