HP releases new ad for architects and it’s horrible

Remember those moments when somebody senior (and old) in your office tries to be hip and cool? When they use words like “social media”, “facebook”, “instagram” without any idea what they actually mean? This is exactly how new HP ad feels. It is a compilation of stock videos of designers doing designer things mixed with shots of worlds most uninnovative architect Daniel Libeskind.

Every day you battle gravity, the unmerciful sun and the department of city planning. You struggle and struggle.

Yes, HP imagines that “unmerciful sun” is one of the key challenges of architecture. So, grab some more of that sunscreen when you come back to work on Monday. In a series of promotional videos Daniel Libeskind tells some random stories from his professional life, describes a project in Milan and Kurdistan museum. But essentially what you will find out is that computers are important in architecture, that 3D is essential part of process and that fast computer is good computer.

This cringeworthy experience can be found in video below.

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  1. ss says:

    the only truth in this video is at 1:05-1:06

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