Foster explains the future

Norman Foster can travel in time and the person we see today came to our times from 1997. This is the only reasonable way to explain his recent video.

Some of you will say “That’s ridiculous! He is not a time traveller from past, that is nonsense”. And I will prove you wrong.

RIBA just published a talk on their YouTube channel to promote International Week where Lord Norman Foster (82) is explaining future of our cities. Or as it seems from his talk, future from 20 years ago. So, basically he is explaining a city of today and calling it “the future”. This amazing talk has it all: go beyond buildings and look at infrastructure, the future is about the cities, global warming, people over cars, density, mixed-use, civic leadership, embrace other disciplines, car-free Trafalgar Square, power of advocacy, progressive urban interventions like Bilbao Guggenheim.

Oh yes, it is like a compilation of the best cliché hits of summer ’95. Let’s explore few of these statements step by step:

  • Go beyond buildings and look at infrastructure – in one way or the other, this has been happening for last 50 years. Not a really great insight in to the future.
  • By 2050 75% of humanity will live in cities – yes, here he talks about the future, however this is not surprising because in 2008 global urban population reached more than 50%. This was a big deal 10 years ago, but not today.
  • Global warming – we have been talking about it so much that politicians managed to sign and retreat from global warming deals. Anybody who has seen Al Gore’s documentary in 2006 knows about it.
  • People over cars – something what is happening for the last 10 years. Not so much a thing to wait in the future.
  • Density – when it was clear that urban sprawl does not work? End of 80’s? But thanks for reminding that again, Lord Norman Foster.
  • Mixed-use – if even the most commercial developers understand importance of having mixed use, then this must have been a common sense for years.
  • Progressive urban interventions like Bilbao Guggenheim – this museum was opened in 1997, exactly 20 years ago. And by now, everybody knows that this approach can work only in Bilbao. Please, somebody tell this to the Lord.

There are many other funny points he made in his talk which might be quite interesting for people 20 years ago, so for a time traveller from 1997 he is really bright guy, really forward thinking. Some of you will say “That’s ridiculous! He is not a time traveller from past, that is nonsense”. And I will prove you wrong. Firstly, just Google any science video about time travel and it will explain that travelling to the future from the past IS possible. It’s all about relativity and stuff. Secondly, if it is not time travel, then the only explanation would be that Norman Foster is super outdated, has no idea about reality beyond his office and still operates with the same understanding of the world since he was still actively involved in architecture – which is obvious nonsense.

Thanks for letting us know that the future looks like yesterday, Mr. Foster. Hope you enjoy your stay in 2017.

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